The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Today’s Lesson: Sometimes you need to quarantine yourself from the very thing that you want the most. The outcome may be the start of your Beautiful next!

Quarantine: To actively isolate yourself

So I was watching a documentary this weekend regarding the Orthodox Jewish life. What fascinated me the most was how the Orthodox Jewish girls and boys do not mingle with each other. With the exception of family members. These Jewish girls' beautiful grace that was mixed with innocence and purity that they had prior to their marriages was fascinating to me.

I was talking to my accountability buddy about this and was randomly questioning why God had me to focus on this particular concept. When it was time to record our weekly goals the first goal she told me to put down for myself was to not initiate contact with men! Say what?

So if you don't know me I am the only girl of 4 brothers, played every contact sport imaginable, climbed trees and collected tadpoles. I have always found it easy to be with men and have accumulated some really great male friends. In fact I have probably a ½ handful of female friends.

As I agreed to the goal, reluctantly God said that everything that you are not wanting to give up may be the very thing blocking you from your next.

On this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, God knows what’s best for you. Even when it seems unrealistic. Just do it.

What is that very thing that God is telling you to stop doing to quarantine yourself from. It may seem silly and not seem to relate to your purpose. I invite you to do it anyway, it may be a silent and invisible blockage for your next.

For me, this next week I’m not initiating any contact with my male friends. Not a call, text, how you doing….nothing!

So until tomorrow #isolateyourself

With Beautiful Love


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