September 6, 2020

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March 29, 2020

The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God





“When the clouds part and the sky opens up to the heavens, then Jesus himself comes down from the sky, rings my doorbell and say’s this is the one”


This was my famous yet ridiculous line I would say if I was asked if I would ever get married again after my divorce. I felt that my judgment in choosing a life partner was a little skewed. So I believed I would stay single or that it would take a pure heavenly intervention.


Today’s Lesson: How do you know you've found the one? You don't. But faith mixed with these 12 signs give you a better chance to not just find the one but to become one.


  1. Shared vision for the future

  2. Your both authentic with each other

  3. It’s easy for you both to admit to mistakes

  4. You trust each other

  5. They support you unconditionally

  6. They are genuinely a kind person

  7. They share your values

  8. Your friends & family love them

  9. You feel like you've known them forever

  10.  It feels different from your other relationships

  11. There happiness is most important to you

  12.  Your best friends


During your beautiful and yet sometimes confusing journey to preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God the unmarried person will at some point ask the question. “How do I know they are the one?” When I was asking God this question, He told me, “you won't” I was utterly confused, “what do you mean I wont?” “It is a leap of faith” He said. “With faith you don't lean on your own understanding or knowing of things, you just believe it to be.”


He then began to gently inform me that we do have a choice who the one is, the one is who we choose. However choosing the one and becoming one with who you have chosen is a different matter altogether. It takes great consideration. And these twelve signs within your relationship shows that you have a better chance to live happily ever after...along with real life challenges, lol.


Over the course of the next few blog posts we are going to explore each one of these signs independently, to better equip us for successful relationships with our forever loves...Oh this should be good!


So until tomorrow #seethesigns


With Beautiful Love



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