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Continuing the discussion on the 12 signs “HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU'VE FOUND THE ONE?” (Day 171)

Sign #12

I have a really dear friend who is a married man. For years I called him my best friend. His wife encouraged our relationship, and we have never crossed illegal boundaries, it has stayed pure and respectful.

It wasn't until the beginning of this year, that God corrected me. He said, "he is not your best friend, his wife is". Ouch!

From that moment on I decided that yes I can have a best friend who is a male, however once he gets married that role is revoked. Period!

But by chance I have a best friend who is a male and we begin to like each other in a new kind of way. Well!!! I'm down for it!

Today’s Lesson: Your best friends

Did you know that marrying a person who you consider your best friend has biological and mental health benefits greater than a couple who married because they just had a sexual attraction.

It’s always a little weird and a little awesome when best friends get together, i'm sure. It hasn't happened to me yet, but studies show that marriages have double the satisfaction and tend to last longer if the spouses say their spouse is their best friend. The biggest findings is that couples who say they married their best friend have a less than 30% rate of divorce, versus our current 50-50 ratio.

To my unmarried readers the 12 signs “HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU'VE FOUND THE ONE?” ends today, however keep reading as we dive into some great information for our married couples.

However until then as you are on this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, maybe you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting a more intimate relationship with your current best friend or are working on becoming best friends with your current partner. Either way, know that the rewards of marrying your best friend are extremely high.

So until tomorrow #iminlovewithmybestfriend

With Beautiful Love


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