Day 185: Let’s Do Life Together, Not Apart!

The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 185: Let’s Do Life Together, Not Apart!

I start off with an apology to my readers for this late blog post. I actually thought I completed today’s blog. With all the business of today I completely missed this one. SORRY!

Today is Easter, or Resurrection Sunday. With our whole nation and the majority of the world being on Quarantine, and for the first time in my life not celebrating this special day with my loved ones, it was a somber yet refreshing kind of day. Somber because I spent today alone, yet refreshing because I spend it in prayer, worship and quiet time listening to the voice of God, for comfort and direction.

I enjoy my time of singleness, however today I had a holy envy for couples.

Today’s Lesson: It’s great to do life with your spouse, especially during times like these.

Today on the journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, do life with your spouse not apart from your spouse.

It's crazy how lovers can live in the same house, have the same kids, yet be worlds apart, living separated in spirit, mind and body. So tonight I encourage my married readers to count your special blessing of being married and having your spouse with you today. I'm not suggesting everything is roses and rainbows right now, however don’t let the day end with anger, unforgiveness, or frustrations. If you are having struggles in your marriage like the remembrance of today, your marriage can also be resurrected.

So take a moment and look at the positive aspects of your marriage. One being you have someone to do life with during uncertain times as now. Take this time to communicate your heart and not your head to your partner, revealing your fears, your joys and your hopes for your future.

So until tomorrow #dolifewithmenotagainstme

With Beautiful Love


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