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Continuing the discussion on the “LORD IS THIS A SIGN OF MY FUTURE? (10 keys to ensure a forever kind of love) (Day 186)

Key #2

"Do opposites attract?", well yes and no. It depends on what is attracting. If your dealing with magnets then yes. If however you are talking about humans, well it gets complicated. Similarities in personalities, age, intelligence, religion, and education level are the blocks that build the foundation for a healthy relationship. Even if on the surface the couple appears to be opposites and differ in race, culture and other significant areas they will have things in common on a deeper level.

This age-old saying "opposites attract" dates back to the 1800s and so is the adage, "birds of a feather flock together." The theory has been studied for years, and modern science continues the exploration.

Which saying is true when it comes to human interaction. I look to Amos 3:3 which ask; Can two walk together, except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3)

Today’s Lesson: Must have similarities

As children, we have been inundated with stories of opposites attracting and living happily ever after. From watching the poor and uneducated Cinderella being rescued and swept off her feet by the rich and refined prince. To seeing the unlikely love story of the beautiful Belle unfold, as she falls in love with the hideous Beast. We can't forget about the magical underwater delight of observing and cheering for Ariel the mermaid as she searched for ways to get rid of her fins and marry her Prince Eric.

To couples such as Mork and Mindy, Lucy and Ricky, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy and on and on. Television constantly show us images of people who are so wrong for each other that they appear perfect. However when we attempt this in real life, why does it work for a moment then soon fizzle out and end? We will look to research to answer this question once and for all. The results? They might surprise you!

Studies have found that people are more likely to be attracted to and pursue romantic relationships with individuals who are more like themselves across a broad range of personal characteristics, including personality traits, similarities, age, religion, political orientation, biological cues and certain aspects of intelligence.

The question now is, are they happier in their relationships? In a study conducted by researchers Nathan Hudson and Chris Fraley, they examined whether couples that are more similar in terms of personality are more satisfied than those who are more dissimilar. And the findings said, yes they are happier, and more satisfied in life. However the couples who identify as being opposites were not as happy or as satisfied with their life, even though the test showed that they were in fact similar. to one another.

On this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, it is not that you will be an identical twin to your spouse, but there will be mutual similarities on multiple levels. These similarities not only ensure a happier home, it encourages a long lasting marriage.

Homework: Don't focus on the differences between you and your spouse. Identify and list your similarities and focus on building and strengthening them.

So until tomorrow intetionally #flockwithbae

With Beautiful Love


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