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Key #3

As I reflect on my encounters with the healthy marital couples in my life, it is unanimous of the playful gestures, and roasting humor that they all share. It reminded me of the little boy teasing the little girl on the playground. And we all know that when a little boy picks on a little girl, the majority of the time that little boy had a crush on that little girl. And that’s what I felt in each encounter. In the midst of them making fun of each other there was this bond that each couple created that was a pleasure and hilarious to be welcomed into.

Today’s Lesson: Are Comedians

The best comedy shows are watching married couples. But not just the common one liners toward the audience but back and forth roasting sessions between the couple. Science says that couples who make fun of each other have better relationships.

At the University of Kansas, researcher Jeffrey Hall conducted 39 studies involving 15,000 people over a span of 30 years. Y'all that's a long time of relationship probing to determine what makes them sink or swim.

People say they want a sense of humor in a mate. I know that’s one of the qualities I want in my forever love. But that’s a broad concept according to Hall. He says it isn't enough to seek someone with a "sense of humor," you need to find someone with the same sense of humor as you.

What is strongly related to relationship satisfaction and the longevity of a marriage is the humor that couples create together. The ability of creating something unique to your relationship, like shared inside jokes and playful roasting sessions, are what really make a strong union.

Hall reports that couples who can laugh at each other build a certain amount of security between them. Having playfulness is a crucial component in bonding and establishing relational security.

On this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, shared laughter is an important indicator of romantic attraction between potential mates. And having the ability to be playfully and make fun of each other is a quality that builds a lifetime love story.

So until tomorrow build your forever love marriage a be the #kingandqueenofcomedy

With Beautiful Love


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