The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Continuing the discussion on the “LORD IS THIS A SIGN OF MY FUTURE? (10 keys to ensure a forever kind of love) (Day 186)

Key #4

Since the quarantine I have been doing my morning runs at the park I spent the majority of my younger years at. As a little girl I focused on either swimming at the community pool, running around the island, that is positioned in the middle of the pond, with my brothers, feeding the jumbo ducks (their huge) or playing shortstop on my softball teams.

However lately I have had my attention on the couples at the park. Either their running together, walking together, sitting together, picnicking together, flying kites together, riding dirt bikes together and so forth. The common thing was that they were together, enjoying each other's company.

Today’s Lesson: Like to do things together

Marriage is a beautiful yet unique bond between two humans that is unlike any other relationship. And it requires a lot of work and intention to make it successful.

Some experts say it’s important for couples to do things apart from each other at times. The idea is that each person will keep their individuality and pursue their personal interests that they want to pursue apart from each other, even after marriage.

Although this is true, and in this blog I am promoting keeping your singleness even after marriage, however this shouldn’t be the majority of the time in a marriage relationship. You should not have divided lives, living in separate worlds.

On the contrary. From the successfully happy marriages I have encountered, it was no denying that they all enjoyed doing things together more than spending time apart.

On the journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, one of the things that can grow a marriage together like none other, is looking for opportunities to do things together as a couple that you both enjoy.

So to my future forever love, you don't have to wear tights and join ballet with me but we must do something besides making love together, or for my church folks...instead of our intense fellowship sessions.

Will you play with me? If yes you might be a keeper...if God says the same of course.

So until tomorrow #havefunwithme

With Beautiful Love


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