The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Continuing the discussion on the “LORD IS THIS A SIGN OF MY FUTURE? (10 keys to ensure a forever kind of love) (Day 186)

Key #5

Today’s Lesson: A caring caregiver for your spouse

The majority of our famous love stories focus on the climax to be either the finding the forever love or the actual marriage, however few show the in-between.

The couples I have had the pleasure of spending time with and gaining these 10 keys from are all mature couples, the youngest being in their early 40’s. This was not to discriminate against our younger couples, on the contrary it was solely based on the longevity of the marriage.

So with that these couples have been through sicknesses, disease, mental ill health, and body changes (loss of hair, wrinkles, weight changes, and the effects of gravity) together and all although trying, have lived faithful to the wedding vow that says, “To love and to honor in sickness and in health”. Believing that being faithful to their spouse “in sickness and in health” with care, not in spite or anger was a matter of integrity, honor, and loyalty to the one they professed to love.

My godfather, who is one of my couples has been diagnosed with Parkenson’s Disorder, and my god mom being like me, a traveling adventurer, not only placed a hold on her traveling, but has dedicated her life whole heartedly and gracefully to care for her husband.

So on this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, understand that there will be times that you will sacrifice you want to be available to care for your forever love, this is not only inevitable it is a beautiful, and maybe even the best part of your love story.

So until tomorrow #ipromisetocareforyou

With Beautiful Love


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