The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Continuing the discussion on the “LORD IS THIS A SIGN OF MY FUTURE? (10 keys to ensure a forever kind of love) (Day 186)

Key #10

A man who was pursuing a beautiful woman to marry was asked by her, “to what do you compare your love for me?” He said proudly, “to fish, I love fish”. She asked, “in what way?” He replied proudly, “I love to eat it!” She said sadly “I can't marry you”. He was confused, and pleaded for a reason why. The woman said, “you say you love fish, yet you deceive it with bait, put a hook in its mouth, take it from it’s home, kill it by exposing it to what harms it greatest, then when dead you place it over heat to eat it”. She again informed him, “I don't like your kind of love.”

Today’s Lesson: Love

As I ran on the gravel path, I saw from a far distance in front of me, what appeared to be a large lopsided person. Meaning the left side appeared at a greater height proportion than the left. The closer I got the silly I felt, for it was a couple walking side by side. They were so close it looked as if the one was holding up the other, however you couldn't tell.

I kindly nodded as I ran past them, and they smiled and waved with their free arms. A mile later I was looping around the path and I saw them again. This time they were apart but shortly after they met each other again, but this time they embraced and kissed, then without noticing that they were in view of another, they shyishly began to walk again side by side.

This time when I approached them, I said, “I want your kind of love”.

They are one of my newest acquaintances yet the couple have been together the longest. In their early 90’s they married in their teens and have been crazy in love ever since.

On the journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, keep the love flame lit.

And this is how:

1. Spend time alone

2. Make date night a thing

3. Make small things mean the most

4. See them through other people's eyes

5. Get out of your comfort zone together

6. Talk about sex

7. Go on adventures together (travel, ect)

8. Make time for what they find important

9. Make each year better than the last

10. Lean their love language

11. Put your phone away

12. Make a love conscious choice to love them

So until tomorrow #ilikethatlove

With Beautiful Love


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