The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


I remember praying to God for a real, ride or die, like-minded best friend. Someone I could laugh with, go on adventures together and talk about any and everything.

He said, you can if you open your eyes. So my brilliant self started thinking about all the people that were presently in my life and seeing if they were in fact my number one best friend. These are the qualifications I used. The BFF qualifier:

  1. Do They Spend Time With Me

  2. Do They Listen To Me

  3. Are They Honest With Me

  4. Are They Kind To Me

  5. Do They Encourage Me

  6. Are They Protective Over Me

  7. Are They Nurturing To My Soul

  8. Do They Accept Me For Who I Am Now

  9. Are They Non judgmental Toward Me

  10. And Greatest Of All Do They Love You (This was measured by their works and their words)

He waited patiently as I scanned through my mental rolodex. I said maybe so and so or even so and so. He said no, open your eyes. Maybe this will help look in the mirror and open your eyes.

Today’s Lesson: You should be your #1 BFF

On this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you will have best friends, either in your spouse, your high school or college friend, or even a family member such as a sibling or cousin. Although these relationships are ideal for the best friend office. Your best to the best #1 best friend needs to be yourself.

So how do we do this?...I’m glad you asked!

Being blessed to stay home the past couple of weeks due to the corona-virus quarantine is a great time to develop and cultivate this relationship with yourself. So take this time to become Your Own BFF. You are a spiritual being, navigating the world as a soul, living in a body. You are with you 100% of the time, 24/7 non-stop, why not enjoy that journey.

To become Your Own BFF ask yourself: Do I follow the BFF Qualifier toward yourself….

  1. Do You Spend Time With You

  2. Do You Listen To You

  3. Are You Honest With You

  4. Are You Kind To You

  5. Do You Encourage You

  6. Are You Protective Over You

  7. Are You Nurturing To Your Soul

  8. Do You Accept You For Who You Are Now

  9. Are You Non judgmental Toward You

  10. And Greatest Of All Do You Love You (This was measured by your works and your words)

Do you?....If not I encourage you to start today!

Because when you become Your Own BFF it takes you off of autopilot and causes you to be mindful of what you're doing to yourself positively or negatively.


As I close, here is some homework during your time on quarantine. Do what I call ISRT (Intimate Self Reflection Time) to assess what areas of the BFF qualifier you are struggling in and what areas you are doing well in. For the next 10 blog posts we are going to break each BFF qualifier down for deeper insight. After these next few blogs you will not only be on the journey of being your own #1 BFF you will also walk deeper into intimacy with your singleness.

So until tomorrow #mybffisthebest

With Beautiful Love


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