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Continuing the discussion on the “BFF Qualifiers” from the I HAVE THE BEST BFF (BEST FRIEND FOREVER) IN THE WORLD (Day 201)

Today’s Lesson: Are You Honest With You

I’m the “why” girl. In my line of work, I get to unravel the hidden truths within a person's psyche by taking them on a journey of the why’s. Sometimes the truth is hidden from us that we must go deep within to discover it.

Why do people tell lies, half truths or overindulge in telling their story? It’s all wrapped, laced and bowed with fear, fear and more fear.

Fear of rejection, fear of acceptance, fear of being exposed as a fraud or phony, fear of inadequacy, fear of disappointing and even fear of the unknown.

The shadow side of dishonesty is attention seeking, people pleasing and even grandiose personality tendencies. I say shadow side because shadows are not always a bad thing. For example, we would never be entertained if some individuals did not seek attention (i.e. movie stars). Also, I love when a hostess at a dinner party attempts to please me and makes sure that I am comfortable during their dinner event. And as for those who are grandiose, well if you have ever enjoyed a great art piece or attended an over the top show, conference or concert experience, well that took the imagination of someone who thinks on big imaginative scales.

I say all this to say seeking attention, being a people pleaser and grandiose is not a bad thing, however it is when the person is not being honest with themselves while doing it. If the actor really wants to be a play writer, and the hostess really wants to be alone, and the grandiose artist wants to be a quiet reclusive scientist at a lab. These individuals are not living or being honest with themselves.

On the journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, having a BFF quality of being honest with yourself is not only liberating for you to unleash your true nature of being, it is also refreshing to others who you encounter, because they experience the full expression of you, not the lie, half truth or overindulge story of you.

A simple way to start being honest with yourself is to tell yourself the truth regarding how you feel. If you're angry, own it. If you're scared, own it, if you're happy, own it. Don't mirror the world’s view and lie to yourself.

For example, I hate the coronavirus pandemic, however I’m happy about the quarantine. Many would be angry that I say I’m happy about the quarantine, but it’s my truth. Just like them being angry with my truth is their truth. It’s okay to be truthful even if it's not politically correct or even socially accepted.

If you can't be truthful with you, then it’s easy to lie to others.

So until tomorrow #tellyourtruth and be #free

With Beautiful Love


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