The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Today’s Lesson: Do the outcome you want to receive.

I grew up in a small town where Caucasian Americans prominently lived. My first exposure to racism was when I was just 5 years old. It was the day my family was moving into our new home and to keep me and my little brother out of the way, my older brother was responsible for watching us at the park down the street from our new house.

As I was playing with my new neighbor friend..a blond hair blue eyes little girl on the swings, her older brother in anger rushed over to grab her and introduced me to a word that I had never heard before, the “N” word. Excited about my new word I ran to my brother and told him what the boy called me….in anger my brother grabbed me in haste, just like the boy grabbed his sister.

There was fist raised, shouts of threats and so much tension in the air, all the while me and my little new friend looked at each other smiling and waving through it all.

This family lived two houses down from mine, and when I was old enough to understand, I was informed that this girl's father was a member of the KKK and would have meetings across the railroad tracks, a place I was always forbidden to go.

I grew up in that home, living alongside my blonde hair blue eyes friend, we became good friends, and our families did not join together for Sunday dinners, however we lived together peaceably...all due to me and my friend refusing to succumb to prejudices that existed from our fathers. We choose unity.

On this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you will always be presented with options, your job is to discover them and choose the best one that will help you receive the outcome you want.

So until tomorrow remember what you give is what you receive. Give peace, you will gain #peace.

With Beautiful Love


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