Day 223: LET HIM DO IT!

The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 223: LET HIM DO IT!

Picture this….

I’m riding in the car with my date and as we are driving to our destination his car gets a flat tire. After he gracefully pulls over he then pulls out his cell phone and dials his insurance “AAA” to come and fix the flat tire. I am puzzled at this point and ask. “So you're not going to change the tire? He politely said “no “AAA” got it”.

My irritated self gets out of the car, takes off my heels, flips my dress tail to the side and proceeds to change the flat tire. It took me about 15 minutes to get it done. Where was my date? He was watching me the whole time shaking his head. What happened to my date?….well, I married him…

Before I get my feminist sisterhood shaking their heads, I have news for you, just today I realized I was absolutely, undeniably, unequivocally wrong.

Let’s come to real time…

I have been crushing on this particular song all last week and over the weekend. Playing it obsessively. It wasn't until today that I truly heard the lyrics. And my life was forever changed.

The song is by Chris Lawson and it’s entitled “Rescue”. Today when I heard it God showed it to me in a movie format. I advise you to listen to it when you get a chance, so you can get a deeper understanding of where I’m coming from.

The movie I saw in my head while listening to this song was, myself as the main character, and this main character (me) dressed up in a ball gown looking gorgeous was laying out on the ground like a damsel in distress, waiting for someone to come and rescue her, I mean me. As I watched in my mind I was telling my movie self to “get yourself up, don't wait for no man to come help you”. And as quick as I thought it was as quick as God responded. He revealed to me. “You can get up and do and fix things that need to be done and fixed, However I want you to choose not to”.

Today’s Lesson: Be like a damsel in distress and Let Him do it!

The transformational journey God took me on today started back to my childhood. Being raised in the home with all boys I had to compete at their level, which meant I spent most of my childhood and even up until this point in my masculine energy. Say what? But you're so feminine, said my accountability partner and sister friend Gozen Soydag, creator of Wife In The Waiting Academy, as I explained to her today’s lesson.

“Yes I am" I said "outwardly". I am all soft and dainty wrapped with a pink ribbon with lace, however inwardly I act and think like a man. I can fix it! I can do it! I got this! I don't need anybody's help! Are some of my subconscious mantras.

However the real truth is I can't fix it all! I can't do it all! I don't got this all together! I do need somebody’s help! It has been so easy to put a smile on my face and appear like superwoman, however did you ever realize superwoman didn't have no man ladies.

This superwoman mentality not only hindered my relationships with men, it had also affected my intimacy with God. Again...Say what? Yes if I don't know how to be 100% vulnerable and in need to allow an earthy man to provide for me, to protect me and even at times to rescue me, how will I know what it looks like to allow God to.

I love how God handles us with such wonder and amazement. He knew that because I am a visual learning He used the picture of a damsel in distress to show me how to surrender to his care and how to release my need to do it all myself. So I now share this with you.

Women as for the man in your life

  • Let him do for you the way he wants to do for you, it is in his DNA to be the masculin energy in the relationship and solve problems even if you can do better and or faster.

  • Let him open doors for you, pump gas for you, carry the heavy box for you.....

  • Let him give you those corny yet took him all day to pick out gifts

  • Let him be him

As For God

  • Let Him rescue you from your past

  • Let Him rescue you from your pain

  • Let Him rescue you from your plans

So on the journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God we have a choice to try and rescue ourselves or to allow Him to do it!

So until tomorrow let Him do it! #rescue me Lord!

With Beautiful Love


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