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Most of you know by now I am a writer. All good writers must be better readers. We read everything, even things that make you go hummm!

I came across this article that promised to help women make a man desire them. After I got done rolling my eyes, I became curious and started reading and boy was it yummy content. For this blog post I took the concepts yet made my own spin on it to help my audience in creating meaningful and lifetime relationships with not only the man or woman of their dreams but with anyone they encounter.

Today’s Lesson: Ways to attract people into you life and be so irresistible it makes them want to stay.

  1. Speak to the person with no outcome in mind

Many times we approach an encounter with a person hoping and wishing and believing for something to happen. Maybe you meet a guy and you want him to be the one. Or maybe you meet a woman and you believe she would be a great partner in your upcoming business venture. This energy can put the other person off, because you may come across as desperate, needy and even an opportunist. Instead enter every encounter as an adventure, yes you want what you want, however if you take away your need to control the narrative you may get more than you ever though possible.

2. Observe how you are feeling while you are with the person

Feelings are an amazing thing. I personally love them and use them to the fullest. At any moment your feelings can revel what is going on in your mind. When you are with someone assess your mood, and if it doesn't match the encounter or how you want to feel at that moment, simply change your thoughts. What helps me is to practice mindfulness when I’m with someone. I keep my undivided attention on them and only them. Not my phone, my next plans, my my my. It’s all eyes and attention on what they are saying and doing. People love being around people who the feel comfortable with and who get them, and managing your emotions with mindfulness helps you to be that person.

3. Remember nobody owes you anything

This one is harsh yet it is true. Nobody is obligated to give you anything. Not their time, attention, gifts, love ect. What helps people like being around you is that they don't feel pressured to do do do. Instead they can just be be be be. And this actually causes them to want to be be be be and do do do for and with you. So give of yourself what you decide to give without internally obligating the other person to return it to you.

4. Get out of their head

This is my absolute favorite, I had to save it for last. Get out of the peoples heads. This is something that I did and sometimes still do when I'm with or about to meet with someone. It is when you assume how another person is feeling or thinking about you. What do I mean? For example, say you enter a room and you may feel the energy shift. This is when we sometimes get in the peoples head and say, “They don't like me”. The truth is yes they might not like you but that is none of your concern. The conversation that is going on in their pretty little heads is just that their conversations. You got your own conversation going on in your pretty little head why add a whole room of other folks into the mix. So to ease out of this trap, I have learned to stay out of others heads and stay in my own. I do this by creating my own story plot to the shifts and turns of life. Example I walk in the room and it shifts my world says “girl you so fine the whole room is paying attention to you”. For real I have these conversation in my head. And you can to. Have fun with it I promise you others will noticed you unbothered, in good spirits self and want to be around you in your world.

So on the journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God a great skill to have is attraction skills, we want people to want to be with us and to value our relationship, however these skills don't first start with other people, they start with you.

So until tomorrow be #irresistible darling!

With Beautiful Love


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