The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it? Well I have and I do right now. However I have no control over when it will manifest. Yes I pray, and yes I decree and declare, however the timing of it becoming is out of my control.

Sometimes this can frustrate me, so I attempt to try and use tactics to hurry it along only to end up even more frustrated and have adopted irritation when it still doesn't happen when I want it to.

God used a moment when I was having issues with my Facebook to help me with this time waiting thing.

My Facebook Story

So I was trying to upload a blog post to my Facebook account and I kept getting kicked off. After the 10th time God said “choose the path of least resistance”. I asked what path would that be? His response was “not the path that is currently frustrating you, choose something else to do instead”. So I stopped my efforts and started working on another project. Hours later and after having a phenomenally productive day, I remember I still needed to upload my blog post to Facebook and “voila” it was done, with ease.

Today’s Lesson: Time has no master but God, so utilize the path of least resistance to help you cope during times of frustration.

On this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God we will be faced with resistance, whether it be during our personal transformation into the person we want to become, or during the wait for your forever someone, or even when you desire a deeper depth of intimacy with God. You can try to rush things along by using shortcuts, manipulation, gimmicks and schemes. However even after you try to make things happen quickly it will never rush the timing of God.

There is a season and time for everything (Ecclesiates 3:1-8). And the delay is not to say you've done anything wrong it’s just not time yet. Or maybe it’s not just about it not being your time, but it might not be what’s best for you and time will help you move on from the desire of that person, place or thing.

For example ladies, say you really like a guy, I mean really really like a guy, and you believe that the Lord has said he is your forever King. However this guy has not spoken a word to you about it. He hasn't even given you a clue. Are you in the home-girl club in his book forever? What do you do?

You do “the path of least resistance”. Do something else, take your focus off of him and get yourself immersed in a community cause, personal life transformation, a project like; the launching of a business, writing a book, learning how to speak a different language or even learning how to play the guitar. And before you know it time will have passed and it will tell if he truly was the one or not. If he’s not you have had an amazing adventure and learned some amazing new things, if he is then he will be fascinated by you and who knows he may even take up playing the guitar with you. I hear an acoustic guitar love song duet brewing, lol. You see it’s a win win.

So until tomorrow look for the win win and seek out the path of least resistance. Let time tell the outcome of your beautiful life story while you enjoy an amazing ride in between time! #timewilltell

With Beautiful Love


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