The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


All that glitters is not gold, and everything that shines is not a diamond!

Have you ever met someone and at first they seemed amazing. You thanked God because you believed He finally brought "the one" into your life. This could be your potential forever love, a BFF, a business partner, a nanny for your children or even the pastor for your church.

They said the right things and did the right things. They came with sweet words, only to find out later that they were a wolf in sheep's clothing. Devising a diabolical plan to eat you alive.

Today’s Lesson: Someone may not be as beneficial or as valuable as they appear… so look again.

On this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God don't be fooled by everyone that comes your way smiling and saying sweet words. Flattering you with you so beautiful, you so fine, you so amazing, you so anointed, you so this, you so that. All the while hating everything about you and conspiring with the devil and even your frenemies to take you out.

God is saying in this season and all seasons of your life use wisdom regarding the people who come into your life.

Some people may really want to know you because they think your're cool. Others may be envious and jealous and wanting what you have. So they get close to you to only to steal from you. While others just want you gone. The hate you for no other reason but you being you.

Look again….

We are in a world that values looks and presentation. I love beauty, however the greatest test of beauty is not the outward appearance and how put together a person looks. God sees the inward person. And he wants you to see it too, so look again.

Why should you look again? So that you can see the inward character of a person, past the masks, illusions, deceptions and facades.

How can you see the inward character of a person who is hiding behind a mask, illusions, deceptions and facades?

The truth is....You can't!

But God can. With every relationship place them before the Lord. Don't take them at face value, you may come up short. Ask the Lord is this person for me or against me? Ask Him how you should deal with this person? Begin to pray for that person and God will begin to show you that person’s heart toward you.

Hear me. God is not saying to distance yourself from engaging with people, and isolate yourself from the world. No. What He is saying is to be wise with your time and your heart. Guard them, protect them and give them out as God directs you. You cant get time back when it’s gone and it’s work to have your heart healed when it’s broken.

Just remember everyone is not for you. Watch and look for the ones who truly love you and have your back, front, side and other side, those who will protect you even when you're miles away. Open your spiritual eyes and you will begin to see.

But this is the catch when you know never reveal it. Because I promise you, they will already know that you see them, they will know that you know that you know that they know that you know who and what they are assigned to do. Keep the person lifted in prayer for deliverance and command the enemy working through them to take several seats in the pit of hell.

So until tomorrow open your eyes so that you can say #iseeyou

With Beautiful Love


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