The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Most people who are successful in their life will share that they have had or have a mentor or mentors. A mentor in my view is someone who is successful and who a person admires and is aspire to learn from in order to go where that mentor has been.

Some mentors we can have intimate contact with. Meaning you're able to meet with them 1-on-1, you have their personal contact information and are able to have regular meetups.

Other mentors may be virtual mentors. Virtual mentors are those who you don't have personal access to, however you do have access to them via their Youtube videos, their social media posts, interviews and other internet based content that relates to you receiving their information that will help you on your journey to success.

Then there's another group of mentors who are no longer alive, however their wisdom and success principles have transcended the test of time. Their work is given to us, from their writings or writings about them, documentaries, or recordings (audio or video) of them teaching us their strategies.

Today’s Lesson: With all the options of mentors out there, to really be successful in your life, your relationships and in your spiritual walk, you first need to be mentored by the Holy Spirit.

These last few months I have been in an incredible yet unfamiliar place. Since I started writing this blog, everything about myself has changed. I can't reveal all that has happened yet, however the biggest and most important change is that the Holy Spirit has taken His rightful place in the intimacy of my heart, and with that He has been mentoring me in relationship to the brand called me.

I must admit not everything has been pretty. I've had sleepless nights, crying sessions and tantrum fits, because some of the stuff He's correcting me on I just don't want to deal with. But I have also had times of breakthrough, epiphanies, and worship encounters that are out of this world....literally.

You see the whole possess of a mentor is to help you get from point A to point B.

On the journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God allow the Holy Spirit to be your mentor. Taking you to places you've only dreamed of going. He knows what it's going to take for you to get to where God has designed for you to go. Enough of trying to do this thing on your own strength or hoping others will do it for you.

Sign up today for the #1 Mentorship Program with The Holy Ghost

Things to expect when the Holy Spirit is your mentor

  1. Your fees are paid in full (Jesus paid for it a the cross)

  2. You will be given the trade secrets of life (these are the mysteries of the Kingdom)

  3. You will be introduced to other mentees (synergistic relationships will be attracted to you when it’s time)

  4. You will receive extra bonuses from your membership to mentorship (Greater power, anointing, influence, authority, dominion, and a lifetime supply of blessings)

  5. You will have Guaranteed Satisfaction (wholeness is a byproduct)

How to apply for the Holy Spirit Mentorship Program

  1. Invite and receive the Holy Ghost

  2. Commit to a lifetime membership

  3. Enter a consecration

Once you have done those three things the Holy Spirit will direct you in the rest of the mentorship process. I must warn you here if you don't want to change then don't sign up. If you want a life lived on purpose for a purpose then get ready your life will never be the same.

So until tomorrow #mentorme #holyspirit

With Beautiful Love


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