The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Worship is the quickest attention grabber for God. It’s like an attention seeking contest in the heavily when worshipers ascend their pure worship up to the throne of God.

Today's Lesson: Learn to make you worship creative and uniquely yours.

I was a concert clarinetist for about 8 years. I was so good I made it to the second chair. I tried and tried to beat the first chair multiple times, however I came to the conclusion no matter how good I was he was the maestros favorite.

I have recently began learning how to play the acoustic guitar. I love the way it sounds when played during worship, so I decided to step up my worship game and play it as I prophetically sing songs of worship to the Lord.

What does your worship look like?

While you are on this incredible journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God it is important to be unique in your worship. Don't try to copy someone else or do it the way a book tells you to, be you, authentic, creative and free.

If you like to sing, then sing to God. If you like to dance then dance with Him. If you like to play an instrument then play it before him, and envision the angels dancing around to your melody. If you like to paint then paint a beautiful masterpiece as you listen to worship music or as you pray in your heavenly language. The limits, styles and ways are endless.

The key component of whatever form of worship you choose is to start with with an open heart. A heart that is expecting to be in the presence of God. Next be vulnerable and present yourself humble and broken. Brokenness is not saying you are approaching God depressed and lowly. No you are still royalty. Instead you are merely surrender all of you before him.

For example, don't enter his presence thinking you know everything, but come to Him as an open canvas ready to be directed and instructed for His use. Lay aside every weight, and care of the world or preconceptions, and enjoy the freedom of the love experience you are having during your worship.

And get this it doesn't stop here, once you find a particular way of worship you can change it up. For example once I get this guitar down, I'm going to add some praise dance moves as I play. It's going to be fire coming down from heaven during my creative worship.

Just know once you make your worship experience unique to you and the way you want to express your love to God, your worship is about to go real deep. Are you ready for It? I know I am.

So until tomorrow let’s go a be #creative and go little deeper in our worship.

With Beautiful Love


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