Day 236: FOCUS

The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 236: FOCUS

I was talking with a coaching client today, and I asked her what was her greatest challenge right now. And her response was "staying focused". The crazy part of her answer was that I too have trouble staying focused.

Today’s Lesson: You don't have a focus problem, you have a choice problem.

As I began to counsel my client, the Holy Spirit was actually counseling us both. He said you don't have a focus problem, you have a problem choosing what you want to focus on.

You see when you focus your attention on a person place or thing is an indication that that person, place or thing is of the greatest importance to anything else at that moment.

For example, say you know you are to write a book, yet you have not even decided on the topic, however you have binge watched the Office on Netflix not once but twice. You don't have a focus problem you have a choice problem. To the person who watched Netflix instead of writing the book has made a choice that Netflix is more important than writing the book.

Ouch! That hurt but it's true.

If you are like my brilliant client, she asked "how do I focus on what I need to do". The simple yet profound answer is....Intention.

Set the intention to complete a goal, task or activity. You must make the intention to do what you need to do or what you want to do. Make it of greater importance in your mind and heart. Find or create a reward that will keep you motivated to complete it and get it done.

So until tomorrow choose to focus on the things that will enhance your life not waste it away.

With Beautiful Love


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