Day 242: I SEE YOU

The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 242: I SEE YOU

The most powerful words a person can say is “I see you”. I believe this because it’s my own personal truth.

I don't want people to “understand me” because I am ever evolving, ever changing, ever maturing.

I don't even want people to say they “get me” Because whoever so called “get me” today will hate me tomorrow if my opinions, beliefs or actions don't agree with theirs.

I am not fond of people who try to be spooky-spiritual and say with a twitch in their eye and mischief in their heart, “ I can read you”. No sir, no ma’am. You are reading from the wrong book because my story is just that, my story.

However when a person says “I see you” they are implying that they see me, the real me, the flawed me, the powerful me, the nervous me, the beautiful me, the unsure me, the childish me. They see my insecurities and my achievements, my victories along with my failures. They see all of me and yet they still choose to stay and love me.

Today’s Lesson: Fear not to show the real you, because it will reveal the real them.

On this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you will be on the quest of your life to be authentic in a non-authentic world. A place where a smile can hide dark secrets, and a person’s bark can reveal their pain.

And in it all your job is to be real.

When you are flaunting the real you, they will either attack, retreat, praise, embrace and or love you. It’s not your job to try to figure out who’s who, it’s your job to listen and watch the ones who say “I see you” and still stay.

So until tomorrow be seen. #iseeyou

With Beautiful Love


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