The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


We have heard the terms Godparents, God sisters, or God brothers, but I believe we need to begin to use the term God-friends!

Today’s Lesson: You resemble who you assemble with. So pick your circle wisely.

On this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you will need friends. Not any type of friends, but God-friends.

It’s enough of the friend type that stays surface level with the pleasantries of repetitive “how you doing? I’m fine, and you?” script. But the ones who are not shy to go into the deep of friendship intimacy that is refreshing and healing to your soul. These are called “God-friends”.

God-friends are relationships that are created by God for a divine purpose.

These are people in your life that enhance not hinder you. They are synergistic relationships that produce advancement when you come together.

You may be saying, Jacquelyn I have a lot of friends. This may be true, however, what is the meaning and depth of that friendship.

For example, if you are always the one pouring into a person, and you don’t receive it in return, you are their minister not their friend.

If you are always counseling your friend off the mental ledge, and they are never available for you when you're going through emotional stresses. You are their psychotherapist, not their friend.

Or my favorite if you are always loaning that person money, sweetheart you are their atm/bank, not their friend.

True divine God ordained friends, want the best for you and are cheering you on along the way. And you are doing the same for them. This kind of friend will fill you up with light and love. They will promote you and make you shine in the eyes of others. They are not jealous, nor have hidden motives, they are sent by God, just how you are sent to them.

So until tomorrow, evaluate your current friendships, make the needed adjustments and pray for #godfriends.

With Beautiful Love


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