Day 257: SO DONE

The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 257: SO DONE

I have been rocking this song by Alicia Keys & Khalid entitled “So Done”. Here are the lyrics

'Cause I'm so, so done

Guardin' my tongue, holdin' me back

I'm livin' the way that I want

'Cause I'm so, so done

Fighting myself, goin' through Hell

I'm livin' the way that I want (5X)

[Verse 1: Alicia Keys]

I lost control over all my energy

Done so much damage to my heart

I've given in, I've changed my identity

I didn't mean to go so far, umm-mm

[Pre-Chorus: Alicia Keys & Khalid, Khalid]

Oh my God (God)

I wish (Wish) I could be (Be) better than this

My God, wish (Wish) I could be (Oh-oh)

[Chorus: Alicia Keys & Khalid, Khalid]

'Cause I'm so, so done (So done, so done)

Guardin' my tongue, holdin' me back

I'm livin' the way that I want (I want)

'Cause I'm so, so done (So done, yeah, yeah)

Fighting myself (Yeah), goin' through Hell

I'm livin' the way that I want (5x)

Today’s Lesson: Be done with giving up on you and live.

On this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you must embrace the lifetime journey of your singleness. First you live with you 24/7 two in any type of relationship especially with a forever love type your wholeness is needed for the success and pureness of that relationship and as for your intimacy with God, if you can't be real with God who can you be real with. He sees and knows all of you.

So until tomorrow, be done with the fake version of you and just be you the real you!

With Beautiful Love


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