I am no stranger to heartbreak in relation to relationships. There are individuals you meet and from the start of that relationship it shows great potential. It may be through attraction, chemistry, similarities or kindredness.

However as time passes and as you are no longer the object of their affection it ends. It could end amicably, dramatically or in the fashion of being ghosted. Either way if you are human it hurts.

The bible says in Romans 8:28, And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

On this journey of life you will experience heartbreak. However God is giving us comfort by letting us know that everything that happens to us, including heartbreak, is designed to work together for the benefit of our purpose.

Either he allowed that person to leave you in order to prepare you for your purpose. Or he removed them to not affect your purpose. Either way darling, It's all for your “good”.

You may say I hear you, however this mess hurts. I know. So I come to tell you to embrace the gift of the Holy Spirit. He is right there available for you to hold you and comfort you and consult you during your healing process.

It’s okay to cry and even to be angry because of the disappointing outcome of that relationship, however what is not okay is to hold on to unforgiveness of the other person, yourself or anyone else who was involved. Release them and let them go.

How to release someone from your heart after a separation

  1. Pray for them (Interseed on their behalf and ask the Lord to protect them and bless them.

  2. Have a time of separation (spend time away from that person while you heal)

  3. Live (embark on a journey of adventure. Live your life to the fullest)

So until next time, believe that this too shall pass.

With Beautiful Love


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