Wake Up Sis!

The definition of being asleep is a condition of the body and mind in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended. Biologically our bodies need sleep for a healthy balanced living. However there is a sleep that exists that can bring a handicap and stagnated effect to a Beautiful Her’s destiny. This is a spiritual sleep when she is consciously suspended in time doing her daily routines of life numb, with her eyes closed to her potential and capabilities and her intuition is inactive.

Girlfriend, do you know what you are capable of doing? Who are you created to be as a devine Beautiful Her? You have a power that is unmatched by any other creation on earth. It’s the power of being a woman. A creative being. The influence of growth in the world in every world system, including, family, education, media, and government is created by the feminine touch of a woman. When a woman is in her essence of power she makes the world a better place.

The only thing is that we as women tend to help others create their best life as wives, mothers, friends, ministeres, business owners, employees, and community activists at the expense of not creating and cultivating from within in order to live outside. To create within means to go into your inner space called you and pull out every gift, dream, ability, passion and purpose that the world needs. It’s doing inner reflection to heal and engage in self improvement to be the best version of herself in order to live from the best expression of Beautiful Her greatness.

Unfortunately many of us are walking sleepers. Navigating life inactive and unaware of our beauty, genius, greatness and value we bring to the world.

Here are 20 ways to wake up and stay woke as a POWERFUL Beautiful Her woman:

  • Wake up each morning and speak an intention for your day

  • Drink a cup or bottle of water in the morning

  • Take mindfulness baths or showers

  • Cultivate a morning ritual

  • Create a sacred space

  • Find a place in your home where you can set a little altar. Place a meditation pillow, candles, aromatherapy, flowers and anything that brings you comfort and inspiration. Use this space to pray, journal, reflect, meditate or for me moment thinking sessions.

  • Experiment with practices and techniques.

  • Journaling

  • Meditation

  • Sitting with a cup of tea

  • Allow yourself space to spontaneous and free

  • explore and go on new adventures

  • Listen to your intuition

  • Dance

  • Let your creativity flow

  • Connect with nature

  • Practice receiving

  • Support other like-minded women

  • Own and cherish your beauty

  • Be conscious of your femininity

  • Laugh more

  • Understand, embrace and express your emotions

  • Get the rest your body and mind need

  • Allow your intuition to guide you more

  • Be in love with yourself

  • Self love

  • Self appreciation

  • Self awareness

  • Self acceptance

Starting with at least one of these 20 strategies will have you on the right path to living out your life the way God intended. Which is AWAKE!

So wake up Sis!

Let’s beautify the world together!

With Beautiful Love!